49 Replies to “Why We Need Government-Run Universal Socialized Health Insurance”

  1. Before government became involved with health care we had free clinics and charity hospitals we formed mutual aid societies we took care of each other. Now anyone who tries will get shut down by the government because they compete with the insurance companies, take a look at countries with government run health care, people are being put on insanely long waiting lists and are literally dying to get life saving procedures done.

  2. In a true Socialist communist world, the government would be benevolent and care for it's citizens, providing housing, health care, food, and other necessities for free. However that's not the world we live in! Socialism, no matter what exact form it comes in, wether it be European style Socialism or out right Communism, like that which exists in Cuba and North Korea, Doesn't work because it CAN'T! For starters, " free " goods and services don't exist, Sure those goods and services may be free of charge for the recipients, but someone else has to pay for them! Government provided goods and services are payed for via taxation, which is theft. If you don't pay taxes, a gang of armed to the teeth mercinaries known as the police will eventually kidnap and cage you. Also, many goods and services that the state provides, the government has a monopoly on! Even the goods and services provided by the state that the government does NOT have monopolies on are still payed for via taxes, so wether you use the government option or not, you're forced to pay for it! You really want this to be the case with health care? I'm sorry but the state is terribly inefficient and whatever the government touches turns to crap! The state is very malevolent, don't be fooled!

  3. So you do have to buy fire insurance, so you get your money if your house catch on fire, and you have to buy car insurance cuz if you have an accident insurance pays for you. Why dont make those goverment funded? The reason is when you take any business and give it to the goverment it gets more expensive, more mandatory, less quality and more wait time, it kills market incentives

  4. Yet people still argue against this "RAWR I want for profit healthcare. I  want to pay hundreds of dollars every month just to then pay an extra couple thousand for a co-payment when I get sick and then go bankrupt because it turned out even then my insurance doesn't cover shit."

  5. and then when the people who work hard and pay for it all need to wait 10 hours while the people who have never worked a day in their lives get treated for their 10th drug overdose.

  6. Some health insurance CEOs make enough to own a yacht and his-and-hers personal jets, while I have to pay $12,000 "out-of-pocket and co-pays" before my insurance starts to fully pay out. Seems F'd up.

  7. Only an uneducated, brainwashed and stupid population think that Universal Healthcare is anti-freedom! And this population of idiots put Trump in office!


    Please stay on the sidewalk and do not leave the campus. There is a real world out there and you have no ability to deal with it.

  9. I'm Canadian and our system works perfectly. The few times I've been to the ER I was seen within an hour. Pretty much the same amount I would wait when I lived in Atlanta, with the exception of having to pay a ridiculous copayment

  10. government Heath care suckss ass, government should give the money they would for Heath insurance directly to people and encourage them to buy Heath insurance

  11. This video is such a Greek tragedy; the biggest flaw is not taking into consideration lobbyist, which can be viewed as the investors in the insurance free market; the bureaucracy might have a correct mantra, but that doesn't mean it is incorruptible.

  12. If you paid for your own fire/police coverage your taxes would go down tremendously. There are a LOT of townships and areas that DO pay for their own fire coverage. Some people choose not to pay and their house will burn down while the fire dept watches only there to ensure everyone is safe. Aren't Liberals screaming about how corrupt and terrible the police are? Next time you get lost and find yourself in the DMV ask yourself this, do you feel like a happy customer after you leave? Do the people there treat you well and have your best interests in mind. Some times things on paper seem like a good idea and they end up being a horrid one. You will learn this as you get older.

  13. Ladies and Gentlemen, I challenge you to visit a VA hospital and take a view at government-run hospitals and decide if you really want to relinquish your health to the government. We need restrictions on and rules for private health insurances.

  14. You say government run things so well so why not Universal Healthcare. You reference Police, Fire, and other locally run services. This is not good evidence of well run government programs. In fact, the Fed. Govn't doesn't run things well at all. Perhaps there is some local solution like paying doctors directly. You shouldn't go bankrupt being in the hospital for a week. Pay the actual cost and not the bloated fees. Get government and HMOs OUT of healthcare.

  15. love this video. so easy to understand and practical. everyone needs to watch this and understand what a complete failure the US healthcare system has become.

  16. Just to add to this debate … 1, On making comments (for or against) please watch this video first… 2, We should all support Free Speech this video and comment feed proves that. To end, within the declaration of The United Nations (in residence in New York, U.S.A.) it says "health care is a human right of which all governments should provide".

  17. Now its 2016 and we've already seen how poorly the government runs the sign-up process, the website, and how much money it can waste. Now the old lessons about socialism are coming back to us. Socialism is the worst model for a prosperous people. It only works for the poor and only for a brief time until the money runs out, which they did a long time ago. We are working on debt now. We are doomed if we keep this going.

  18. The problem is that some people don't take care of themselves and let themselves go and people who do take care of themselves shouldn't be forced to pay for them. I don't drink or smoke (anything) so I don't want to pay for people who do. And government is the biggest waste of money and is incredibly inefficient. And you forget that is if government didn't pay for something then taxes (should) go down. And you would have more money to spend on other things.

  19. Something tells me pretty much anyone who disagrees with this video does not have any medical problems that they have to worry about paying for themselves, and they think they probably never will.

  20. It should be automatically available to any one who has an illness they were born with or developed during an injury or traumatic experience.  Those are the people who have a right not to be charged for their treatment.

  21. Why we don't need Government-Run Universal Socialized Health Insurance. From what I have personally seen Univercial Health care, IN THE USA, specifically helps people living off welfare, predominately. All while hurting MOST people in the middle class. According to CNS news, "As of the fourth quarter of 2011 there were 108,592,000 people living in households in the United States that received benefits from one or more “means-tested” government programs, according to the Census Bureau’s estimate," (CNSNews.com). Via my interpretation, and evidence in the article it's self, this is health care. Now the total number of people to vote in 2012, according to Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley – The American Presidency Project, was precisely 129,085,403 people. So lets guess that there are 318,900,000 people living in the USA. Divide that by the number of people on some form of welfare then multiply that by the number of People who voted in 2012 and you get 43,956,231 people divide that by the total number of voters and you get 34% of voters possibly on welfare. Using that lets presume, for my point, that this is an accurate percentage of voters on welfare. Are they going to vote for the person who is anti Universal health care or pro Universal health care. That, believe it or not, is a huge percentage of voters. At base line this makes people not want to get off welfare. This means their children will stay on welfare. Forever adding to the percent of people in the lower class. This supports a massive lower class controlled by the government. A government controlled, and run by corporations who payed for the politicians election campaigns so they will puppet their want and needs. This is the start of a dictatorship. So my point is we are not wanting, "poor people to die or live a life in misery,"  we want them to get a job and support to economy and pay their taxes and and support the economy, not be a drag on it. This is open for interpretation, and I will gladly receive criticism. Thank you.


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  22. We've got to much damn socialism in the country as it is!! Let's not go any further down that road please.
    And when you hear somebody talking about "profits" like its evil to accumulate wealth….you are listening to a communist.

  23. It is inhumane to charge people for their healthcare. Simple as that. The American government have been brainwashed into thinking profit, business (capitalism) is the be all and end all of life. They think that you've lived a good life if you manage to make a few dollars and run a successful bushiness. Yet they don't seem to realise that the most important parts of life are exactly that, life. Every single person in modern society should be given the basic essentials of life for free, and if that means hiking up taxes on the rich, corrupt, corporate businesses then fine by me.

  24. Let me help everyone without using any rhetoric or sound bytes, I would appreciate the same in your responses. Socialized Healthcare just means that the government makes the payment for you. You pay a portion or at healthier times of your life, more for this healthcare indirectly. The government has a monopoly on paying for healthcare. Doctors give the government the bill for your healthcare not directly to you, you pay for this indirectly. This is just like the military, each bullet costs money, each soldier is paid a wage, you pay for this indirectly, at times the government goes into debt to make these payments. My argument for all, is to look at healthcare like you look at the military, as a necessity, and not as a luxury, Once your see this it will start to make sense. Now with this in mind. Do you want our entire army to be staffed by Halliburton? We just pay a company to fight our most important battles? This wouldn't be efficient and mercenaries are not the best ones to fight the good fight!

  25. Born and raised in a country like Denmark i find this resistance towards universal health care completely insane. I mean this is the whole reason why we have a society right? To help each other when we are in the need of help. And the saddest thing is that many Americans who are poor and who would actually benefit from such health care rejects it because they have been brainwashed to think that needing and asking for help during hard times is somehow a terrible thing.

  26. We don't.
    And you make sure you vote for that.

    Voting is an illusion.
    Voters believe they choose their governance.
    They believe their representatives represent them.
    The trend of government is always alienation of the voter.
    If you believe government is for the people then you see corruption.
    Government has one role. It serves the interests of those with money and power.
    Power is based on land and assets.
    Voters are slaves begging for rights. You'll only get an illusion to keep you believing you are free.

  27. This video is flat wrong on several points. The most obvious of which is the utter failures that the government runs called Medicare and the post office. Both of these institutions are in the red financially EVERY SINGLE YEAR. They require taxpayer bailouts EVERY SINGLE YEAR. They are riddled with inefficiency, waste and embody all the worst bureacracy had to offer.

  28. You aren't going to convince smart people of the benefit of a single payer system by demonizing the profit motive. Single payer has a lot of merit, but your case for it is compelling only to your average fourth grader.  Since most smart people understand the profit motive and capitalism is what has done more to improve the collective standard of living for more people than literally any other concept in human history, you should point to systems like Canada, Japan, Germany and others that employ a single payers system but allow for private insurance competition to cover what basic single payer coverage does not.  The minute you start saying profits are evil and corporations make more profit by denying coverage than  providing better service is the minute people that could be otherwise convinced, tune you out as just another liberal idealogue  blinded by left wing kool-aid.

  29. Hello! Loved your video! Since you are on the topic of insurance; have you used the services from " Your Insurance Guy Singapore " (do a google search)? My HR Manager had some dealings with them and was impressed by their amazing speed of claims & their knowhow of the foreign workers medical insurance industry was really profound! For the records, they can represent General insurance companies like QBE.

  30. Excellent video.  I've used the same argument when confronting those against national health care–that I'm not offered group fire rescue, group police protection, group trash collection or group education to the 12th grade plans by my employer.

    Further, the US has already 4 forms of socialized medicine:  Medicare, Medicaid, Tri-Care and VA Health.

    If for example someone in the military starts smoking taxpayer-subsidized (cheaper) cigarettes (purchased in the PBX or commissary), then 10 years after he ends his relationship with the military he develops smoking-related lung cancer, he can pull out his Tri-Care Prime card to have taxpayers foot the bill for his lung cancer treatment–even considering that smoking isn't even a requirement for military duty.  As of the writing of this post, Tri-Care Prime members pay just $11 a day for a hospital stay.

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