29 Replies to “WILL IT PUFF PASTRY?! Putting random stuff from my kitchen into puff pastry | Tasty Tuesday”

  1. Lol Steve go crazy! OMG I have puff pastry in my fridge I want to try this! If u have more dough u should make two of everything then u can taste it same time with steve!

  2. i am 4 and a half minutes in and VERY worried about the temperature of your puff pastry
    finished it and yeah, did basically what I thought it'd do. the butter in the pastry got too warm so it didn't puff up but it just turned into kind of regular dough. still tasty tho

  3. I mean this 100% as a compliment! How are you this creative all the time?!?!? Your content and dedication keeps me so invested and entertained for. Thanks for the years of awesome real content!!!

  4. Found a recipe online that I thought would be really cool for you to try and looks super easy. If you haven't done it already. POTATO CANDY!!!! Super cute….looks easy!

  5. Nikki can you please try this recipe for a VEGAN EGG by the channel ‘Elsa’s Wholesome Life’??? That egg looks sooo real and she says it tastes like real egg too! You can try to fool Steve with it!

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