49 Replies to “Worth It’s Andrew & Steven Build A Restaurant In The Sims 4”

  1. You could add your favorite music in Sims. Just put your chosen song in your sims install folder. You could choose it when you want to play it on speaker in-game. 11:30

  2. Lawlz, they're spending FOREVER on one single room!! Also, I'm relieved they bleeped out the swears for this series. I guess EA didn't want any bad press or something. I stopped watching Buzzfeed for a long time because I couldn't take it. Edit: They're not making a restaurant, they're making a torture chamber. Mud pit? Fireplaces?? Hot and cold rooms? The customers will be soooo uncomfortable.

  3. OK but…. What if Andrew is like an ancient spirit or something and he knows that Shane is a demon. So these two just kinda know and watch each other very closely because they each have a human to protect GODDAMNIT!

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