You'd never know Catherine is homeless except for the hat on the sidewalk "asking" for donations.

I may have never known Catherine was homeless unless there was a hat on the sidewalk “asking” for donations. Funny thing in Canada, homeless people in …


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  1. Very clever and astute woman here especially given the years gone by. Having worked professionally in community based projects during and after completing my music degree, I realised just how many charitable groups had high earning managers and CEOs. It seemed that more money was going to them than to help communities. For example, supposedly the UK has earmarked 100 million to help the homeless, which is great as it sounds. More hostel places/supported housing then for the vulnerable you might think? Well the government have had a policy to close hostels, end benefit support to remaining hostels/supported housing, as well as scrapping housing benefits for 18-21 year old people. Where is this money going to then? Since it is not going to address the problems our government made, the vast amount will go to the charities' senior management with nothing for the actual benefit of the vulnerable individual. More money for their mates, and if the problem persists then they will just blame the individual for being poor and vulnerable so that the government can bring in ever more punishing cuts. And then another 100 million will be found to give to 'charitable' organisations again, and so forth…yes clever lady: follow the money…

  2. I been watching..I too will retire to the street in a few years when my worth will be exhausted and the rich will not lete in. There are allot of cool people out there.

  3. Watching these so makes me want to help others, unfortunately I am not in a good position myself at the moment… Luckily I do have a job (just started last week) and a car but I am getting evicted and need to move in a few weeks. Once back on my feet I will try my best to seek out some local homeless people and just take them a coffee or something and sit with them a while to lend an ear.

    If I find anyone that isn't on drugs or alcohol I will do my best to take them out of that situation… It's not that I am against people that do those things it's just I am not qualified to help them and don't have the resources, but I will sit with them and listen to them.

    Thank you for inspiring me…

  4. She had an excellent poem ( writing ) there. Reality is though at some point you have to start owing your problems and choices rather than blame others. I wish her well.

  5. From 1990 unitl 1995 in ontario, tenants had all of the legal power over landlords. Folks on welfare were making 20% or more in ontario than any other province, and because of that, our welfare recipient rates were exploding. Add to that all kinds of monkey business with mother's allowances and an unlimited number of children one could have and get more money, it had to stop. And it did. Now all of those mothers are this woman, kids gone, free money gone. in 1996 they were warned. .

  6. Dont wait for the government and elected officials to fix the system. Help your fellow human being…in any small or large way you can. Start with empathy.

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